Fake News Detector 🗞️

our advanced AI model detects if a news article is real or fake with 100% accuracy*

Real or Fake?

Fake or Real? 🤔

Generate a real (or fake) news article with this AI news generator.

The Fake News Detector is an AI-powered tool designed to assess the authenticity of news articles.

By inputting a URL, users can quickly determine whether an article is real or fake based on advanced AI analysis.


1. How does the Fake News Detector work?

The tool uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze various aspects of the news article, including language patterns, sources, and factual consistency.

2. Is the tool accurate?

While the AI provides a highly accurate assessment, no tool is infallible. It’s best used as a supplementary check rather than a definitive judgment.

3. Is the service free?

Yes, the Fake News Detector is free to use for anyone looking to verify the authenticity of news articles.

4. How long does it take to get results?

The analysis is typically completed within a few seconds after submitting the URL.

5. Where can I generate news articles (real of fake)

You can use Journalist AI to generate news articles for any subject in any language.

6. Does the AI model detect if a news article is real or fake with 100% accuracy?

Unfortunately not.